Great communication is the result of great strategy driven by a clear, mission-rich brand. Brand is identity; the core of who you are and why you exist. There’s no debating, your brand identity is the most valuable asset you own.

A robust and well-defined brand captures attention, sustains engagement, and inspires longterm advocacy, action, and participation among your target audience.

Clients who have worked with Gretchen have swiftly developed refined, strategic brands that achieve measurable results.Together we will clarify, create, and communicate a strategic brand with substance, purpose, and longterm possibility.

Gretchen carries a very limited list of select consulting clients. Network with her today to discuss your needs and explore how your brand can benefit from being on this list.

Consulting Services

(Gretchen limits her consultation sessions to 2-hour sessions on a quarterly basis. Clients are welcome to connect with her via video or visiting her in Mequon, Wisconsin. She does make some special on-site visits for clients located in the Midwest.)

  • Organizational strategy and culture
  • Brand and communications strategy
  • Executive coaching and team training
  • Strategic planning and achievement
  • Strategic brand management
  • School brand development, faculty coaching and strategic design