1. New nonprofit client joins the ever-growing purePR family

    St. Charles, Mo. based, purePR, expands its client portfolio with the addition of ATHENA Leadership Foundation of St. Charles County At purePR, our mission is to help nonprofits and mission-focused for profits make an impact and we are thrilled to have ATHENA Leadership Foundation of St. Charles County join our client fold. ATHENA, a chapter...
  2. More Cowbell: Get to Know Your Thought Leaders

    Recently, I had lunch with a new colleague who grew up on a farm in Minnesota. This is an important detail to share at the top of this post because it explains his use of a really fascinating term. Well, fascinating for a suburban raised woman like me. He was discussing his industry in our...
  3. Nonprofit Benchmarking: Why You Need People Who Are Better Than You

      Critical questions for those who would excel at their profession: Who is better than you at what you do?  Who is better than you at part of what you do?  Most of us aim to say we’re more than passably good at our profession or craft. It can seem counter-intuitive to actively seek out...
  4. Public Relations Career Advice: In the best cases, the job chooses you

      I am starting this post with a disclaimer – I haven’t yet watched Kim Kardashian’s documentary, SPINdustry, but am about to make a few base observations that stem from the title alone (a rose by any other name would definitely smell sweeter …). And the fact that many articles are leading with: want to...


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