1. Recommended PR Social Media Reading

      This week, I asked our new Integrated Marketing Strategist and Community Manager for his “top 3” social media guru picks – I’ve been enjoying checking out the limited few he (somewhat under duress) whittled out of his impressive feed of 238 sources (which yes, he received feeds from, and works his way through each...
  2. Gimme That: Corporate Social Responsibility as PR Strategy

    I’ve been handed a large new assignment. My CEO has asked that I come up with a singularly impressive philanthropic gesture for the company; one that will really cause our stakeholders to take serious notice of our overwhelming good will. As a professional public relations practitioner, this assignment is truly music to my ears. To a...
  3. Good PR

    Disagree if you want, but if they were being really honest (the kind of anonymous that usually only happens under the cloak of Internet anonymity, or the kind that comes after a 2-martini Happy Hour, depending on your level of personal expression) many business-types consider PR the soft-shoe of real marketing savvy. The blatant truth of the...


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