1. Social Media Noise in 2013 (and how to be heard)

        This morning I discovered a new must-follow Twitter account. Seriously. @GalwayBuoy That’s right. This Twitter “user” based in Ireland’s iconic Galway Bay boasts, “From Galway Bay, I will be tweeting data from @irishlights, @TechWorksMarine and @smartbayireland sensors and race/festival info for the #volvooceanrace finale.” Or maybe I’d prefer to go farther toward the...
  2. Cam Winston! OR: Why Don’t More People Fan Our Social Media Pages?

    I’m a Frasier fan. There are many situations in life, business, and play that can be explained with a clip (or quip) from this cleverly written show, and this post is one such occasion. In season 7, episode 11’s “The Fight Before Christmas“, Frasier decides to throw a fantastic Christmas party, and even goes so...
  3. More Cowbell: Get to Know Your Thought Leaders

    Recently, I had lunch with a new colleague who grew up on a farm in Minnesota. This is an important detail to share at the top of this post because it explains his use of a really fascinating term. Well, fascinating for a suburban raised woman like me. He was discussing his industry in our...


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