Growing Social Media Engagement, One Fan at a Time

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Social is big. At purePR, coming up with a unique social strategy that successfully engages, inspires and connects with each of our clients’ audiences is paramount. When it comes to the Lutheran Education Association (LEA), we are proud to help them successfully break through the social media noise.

Any guesses what the top performing page categories are on Facebook?

Entertainment. Want your messages to standout and truly engage your fans? You need to give the people what they want. If you are consistently churning out messages that are not clicking with your followers, what are these channels really doing for your brand? For LEA, social media offered plenty of potential, particularly for their upcoming October Convocation, but before we could expand the content plan, we needed to engage with the followers.

Planning team at a recent LEA Convocation meeting (coffee always included)

Planning team at a recent LEA Convocation meeting (coffee always included)

LEA is a membership-based organization. In developing their social strategy, we focused on creating collaborative and useful channels for LEA educators. With things like “#MentionMonday” on Twitter to highlight Lutheran educators and monthly series on the Facebook page to invite candid discussion from members, LEA quickly saw increased interaction and commitment from their fans.

When we launched our work with LEA in March 2013, their Facebook audience consisted of 420 fans with an average engagement level of 4%. We are happy to say that in seven months since, they have grown their reach to 890 fans with a 6-7% engagement level.

In social, it’s true that you can’t collect fans like bottle caps. Numbers matter, however, because they allow us to be increasingly more contagious. Numbers matter when you can also demonstrate an uptick in engagement, and our content strategy with LEA has provided both. Content exposure, reach and resonance, now that makes for some savvy social.

We set out to build a stronger social community as LEA neared their national Convocation in order to set-up an even more successful experience on site. purePR will have a team at the Convocation to develop content and manage community engagement, and our intention is to use the thriving and growing social platform as a channel to share broader brand messages with highly engaged constituents. We’ll keep you posted.

How has your brand engaged content to grow both your fan base and their engagement? We’d love to hear about it.

Post Contributed by Paige Foerstel, purePR Account Assistant


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