Welcome, Crider Health Center: Our newest nonprofit healthcare client

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purePR announces the addition of Crider Health Center to its client family

At purePR, we are dedicated to partnering with passionate people of purpose to shape and share messages that impact communities. The addition of Crider Health Center to our client fold is an excellent extension of this mission. Since 1979, Crider has been serving the behavioral health needs of Franklin, Lincoln, Warren, and St. Charles counties.

We know the importance rich relationships. We design and engage strategies that deepen brands and advance missions, and we are thrilled to work on this with Crider Health Center. Our goal is to build a plan for ongoing brand identity management that will result in brand aligned employees and a rich internal brand building culture.

CriderCrider Health Center sets itself apart from others. By treating the whole person rather than just the symptoms of their illness, Crider strives to empower individuals to live full, productive and healthy lives. Their philosophy wraps a unique set of services and support around each individual they serve.

Initially developed to serve the increasing need for community behavioral health services, Crider Health Center has grown immensely over the years and presently serves more than 56,000 residents. Crider’s commitment to accessible and person-centered care is paving the way for meaningful community health partnerships.

How purePR plans to help:

Crider recognizes the critical role brand plays in defining organizational success. We will be providing expertise in constructing and implementing strategy with Crider Health Center to build an outstanding, brand-aligned internal culture. Crider’s leadership has taken a significant step in strengthening the Crider brand, and our work will center on supporting that effort among Crider employees. We will work with the Crider team to develop, integrate and coach an internal branding plan that will ensure the best possible results for the Crider Champion training across the organization.

It’s meaningful PR work, and we are honored to help!

To find out more about Crider Health Center, you can visit the organization online. To explore how purePR can support your cause or concern, contact us! We’ve got great ideas that can work for you.



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