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Merchant-logo copypurePR’s first Main Street Merchant Meet-up offers useful easy-to-apply training for St. Charles, Mo., businsses and nonprofits

purePR is focused on helping impact communities for the better and so it is important to us to “be neighborly” now that we are well established in our new Historic Main Street office. How did we recently decide to do this?

We invited all Main St.-based businesses to join us for a cost-free social media conference

We presented the first ever Main Street Merchant Meet-Up on June 3, 2013 with the generous support of our client, the Greater St. Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau. The St. Charles Convention Center stepped up to host the Meet-Up, which attracted more than 60 businesses and nonprofits from the area.

BLOGDSC_0157 copyIt’s a fact that local business pages perform among the worst in terms of Facebook activity and social media engagement in general. But quality social strategy can significantly impact a small business bottom line. Helping local entrepreneurs thrive is good for our community and so we devised the half-day summit to immerse participants in the 10 most important truths of social media strategy and the practical considerations their businesses need to adopt on major social channels.

We talked Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and even Vine.

Participants were invited to:

  • Learn the key principles that should be part of every social media campaign
  • Expand their ability to use Facebook and Twitter to reach, reward, and relate with customers
  • Apply social media principles and learn the steps to draft a practical content plan
  • Explore emerging social media platforms and their usefulness for business goals

Participants were eager to learn about social media and its endless uses for promoting their business, showcasing their products and services, and giving their customers and clients an inside look at how their businesses operate.

And it was great to launch conversation about this important topic among the business owners as they collaborated in our workshop environment.

And wow, did the ideas flow! Carolyn Holden of Provenance Soapworks shared her shop’s current use of Instagram to provide a behind-the-scenes look at their soap-making process. Such a great idea! This allows their customers and followers to have an inside look at their favorite soaps and gives a sense of transparency to Provenance Soapworks.

BLOGDSC_0159 copyHolly Gillette, owner of Parkview Gardens in St. Charles hit on the idea to use Pinterest boards to pass on new, seasonal and unique flower arrangement designs to inspire the brides coming into her shop. By “shopping” the boards, Parkview brides can feel more engaged with the entire process, and Parkview Gardens can continue to collaborate with other florists for new concepts!

Following the event, Drew Goellner of Goellner Printing posted on our Facebook page, “I was shocked at the amount of useful information I was able to bring back to Goellner Printing!”

Anyway you spin it, the Meet-up was a great place for local businesses to improve their social media savvy. And that’s great for our community! Several participants have already reached out for more formal strategic coaching with purePR, which is why we’re here.

If you would like to learn more about the Main Street Merchant Meet-Up or how purePR can support your social media goals, get connected with purePR via our enews, join our community on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.


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