Why Mission Matters Most

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It’s the passion that drives you. It’s the cause that connects you. It’s the energy, the source of unity, the tie that bids—it’s your mission.

Mission is what you do; vision is where you’re going.

We’re launching our new website today, and so it seems more than appropriate to lead with a post about the passion that powers purePR. The website is a giant step forward for purePR. Honestly, it’s an incredible announcement that this little firm is powerhouse-focused. We’re planning to build, to grow, to serve more missions. We’d love to serve yours.

So why do we believe that mission matters most? Not just because it makes for a snazzy tagline.

purePR works with mission-oriented organizations because mission-oriented organizations change things for the better. We want to be part of the good. Mission is the singular, passionate purpose that moves you from where you are to where you want to be. And when it’s accomplished, you are inspired to dream bigger, do more, tell bigger stories, pursue a broader vision.

We want to help those people, people like you.

Fundamentally, purePR is made up of professionals (communicators, designers, techies, writers, and  – yes -even fans) who believe that there are better stories to be told, and that the organizations telling those stories deserve the very best tools, tactics, and training. Big org or small, legacy nonprofit or start-up, mission-driven entities need high quality, high performance PR and communications support and we provide it.

We believe that mission matters most because it meets the fundamental human desire to find purpose, to engage in meaningfulness, to participate authentically. Great public relations, it can be argued, happen most authentically in mission-oriented organizations because the relationship is built on something deeper.

We believe that mission matters most and so purePR structures its efforts to help nonprofits shape and share their brands more effectively. Brand is who you are, mission is what you do, vision is where you are going. Without a strong brand, without clarity of identity, and without the ability to introduce yourself to the people who want to care about your cause, your mission suffers. Without a clear and effective strategy for communications, your pursuit of vision becomes chaotic and your mission unclear.

Our job is to make sure your cause is clear, your identity sharp, your purpose amplified, and your mission engaged. Sound intriguing? We hope so. Join the conversation, connect with purePR, learn, get to know us, borrow our ideas, become a client. We’re absolutely glad you’re here.



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