Three Social Media Truths for Nonprofits

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Tomorrow, purePR will host its first nonprofit “new media meet-up“. The idea was to put together an event that is low key, cost free, and jam packed with useful ideas and practical theory for our area nonprofit friends.

I am planning to talk for a mere 35 minutes (and if you know me, you recognize that’s going to be a trick). The topic? A promised “social media mini masters course.” I’ve decided to share 3 ideas that I believe are fundamental to social media success for nonprofits (read: mission oriented, relationship driven, cash tight, and paid staff poor outfits).

I didn’t think it would be easy to put together my talk, but sifting through the notes, articles, blogs, comments, tweets, books, and previous talks I’ve given, narrowing it down to the top 3 was tricky. I actually used the voice memo recorder on my trusty iPhone to log my thoughts as I went about my Thanksgiving weekend.

Wandering through the grocery store I’d murmur something about the importance of measuring vs. counting in terms of gauging effectiveness. Chopping veggies for endless dishes I’d mull over the importance of having the right job description for your social media team and its members. You get the picture.

But at long last, I think I’ve made my choices. Broad enough to fit the varied skill set that is sure to be in the room tomorrow, but precise enough to be useful.

I’ll start posting the3 here over the next few days. Any guesses what made the list? What piece of practical social theory would be a MUST on your hit list?


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