Social Media in the Church

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Next week, I will be leading a day long conference experience in St. Louis at the invitation of the Association of Lutheran Mission Agencies. Our topic? Social media and branding in mission focused organizations.

It’s a topic that extends beyond the religious community, and impacts nonprofits that are oriented around a strong missional core. How can social media elevate the message you are trying to engage? What does successful social engagement look like and how can it be sustained over the long term?

For organizations with a strong social conscience and certainly for those in the religious arena, understanding how to use social media is an essential skill. I’ll certainly be sharing more about the conference next week both here and at the purePR Facebook page, and you can also listen in to a radio interview conducted this morning on St. Louis Christian talk radio, KFUO 850AM.

How have you found social media particularly powerful for amplifying your mission?


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