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This week, I asked our new Integrated Marketing Strategist and Community Manager for his “top 3” social media guru picks – I’ve been enjoying checking out the limited few he (somewhat under duress) whittled out of his impressive feed of 238 sources (which yes, he received feeds from, and works his way through each and every week … and that’s why he’s our Social Media think tank, and why I am the PR maven – teamwork) …

He sent me to many great picks (and interestingly all male … and interestingly the line-up of reading I share below is also predominantly … all male … that’s another post for another day …) and one I’ve been chewing through this evening is Mitch Joel’s

Courtesy of Mitch, here are a few titles (some I’ve read and some I’ve not) that should line that social media shelf in your office (or on your KINDLE … whatever)! Enjoy.


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